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KATAGLYPHS is an auditory + visual “TIME CAPSULE” filled with the lifelong lessons + unexpected wisdom that I learned from the community of human catalysts that raised me - believers, friends, teachers, misguided geniuses, educators, coaches + a playground. These stories are captured + preserved via narration and film to create a unique limited podcast series for the nextGEN of leaders, makers, DOers & dreamers. KATAGLYPHS is a series of stories filled with simple truths to remind all of us that being curious + cultivating meaningful connections + having the courage to chase your passion, purpose and intention daily can be a catalytic equation to having a life filled with success and significance.


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May 20, 2020

“Trenton + Spike Lee + "H" White = Katalyst” - Summer of 1995 in Trenton, New Jersey, at Nike’s “Believe To Achieve” event where my encounter with Howard “H” White sparked the next unexpected chapter in my KARAYZEE journey.